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3D Videos and Renders

Modeling, animation, stereoscopic...

From opening for videoblogs to simple scenes, or even full of FX scenes. 3D is one of my favourite things and here you can find everything I made about the field

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Camera, editing, color correction.

With a camera, a tripod and editing software I can make any kind of video: commercials, short films, motion graphics...
In this section is what my gear and imagination are able to create

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Graphic design, web, apps, advertising...

My will to become a better audiovisual communicator takes me to work in all kind of areas.
Websites, app design or a branding, marketing, and merchandising campaign creations are some of the work that you can see here.

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Videogames design, levels...

The "Art of arts", as I like to call it, combine a great variety of audiovisual areas under the same interactive product. That is why they are the most intense and fun to work with. Beeing one of my specializations, here you can find som of my projects.

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Pablo Varela - 2020